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Utrecht, September 2016 – We are looking for a Data Recovery Technician for our Logical Laboratory. As part of your job you would be required to perform the following tasks:


  • Analyse logical problems on any data storage media (damaged administration area of any file systems, missing entries etc)
  • Recovering data from all received clone drives (testing data after recovery, creating diagnosis report and list of recoverable and damaged files).
  • Recovery from virus infected drives (manual testing of files, research and develop solutions for automation of processes)
  • Recovery from encrypted drives (safeboot, safeguard, Bitlocker etc)
  • Managing sales query regarding data recovery and other questions
  • Data wiping and managing Hardware inventory, Software inventory
  • Preparing recovered data and original devices for clients.
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We expect candidates to have basic knowledge of:

  • digital electronics;
  • different number systems;
  • computer hardware;
  • storage devices.
  • viruses;
  • Encryption types.

We expect candidates to have extensive knowledge of:

  • operating systems;
  • file systems;

Working knowledge of different data recovery software tools is an advantage.

Language spoken: basic English


If you are interested and eager to get to know us better, you are kindly invited to contact Mrs. Adrienn Högye by email: hr @ stellar.nl or by phone +31 (0)30 7600732 (monday-thursday). We have possibility to set up a get-to-know-each-other meeting either at day time, either in evening hours.

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